Why Nest One Offices?
Neden Nest One Offices?

By bringing Nest’s privilege and comfort to the offices, Nest One Office is also the address for profitable investment. Nest One Offices presents to you an investment opportunity suitable to your needs by accommodating different concepts in its office areas. Here are a few from many reasons why you should take a place in Nest One Offices:

Profitable Location
Kazançlı lokasyon

A big profit is every investor’s dream. However the profit promise that Nest One Offices offer to its investors is never a dream...

Uzbekistan’s commercial centre - Tashkent is growing and becoming stronger, with its location on the heart of Silk Road it is becoming more important day by day. The increasing interest of global firms and the rapid business growth of local companies clearly makes the profit potential in Uzbekistan’s first office project - Nest One Offices extraordinary. With each passing day, Nest One Offices is a growing investment value!

For its location advantage; like being located exactly in Tashkent’s centre, close to official institutions and reachable by metro, bus and transportations, for being in the middle of Tashkent City attraction point, and a part of Uzbekistan’s first skyscraper.


Tashkent City Court: 520 meter

Tashkent City Urban Park: 55 meter

Metro: 56 meter

Bus Stations: 51 meter

Hospital: 635 meter

University: 115 meter

Council: 590 meter


This is how instant profit feels like!
Alırken kazanın

Experience the advantage and privilege of being a first…

All the resedential and office projects in the world has offered the highest profits to the their investors during the constructions. Whether it is a big or small squaremeter investment, when it is made at the beginning of the project it provides high profit to its investors.

Rental Return
Kira getirisi

How much would the rental return of the only office project in the heart of Tashkent City be?

Have your share in Tashkent’s average office rental, which exceeds 20 dollars/m2. Nest One Offices offers you the opportunity to turn your investment into cash in a short period, with its instant profit prices and high rental return.


Every business owner wants their company to look exceptional and be located in the most popular location in the city. Who wouldn’t want their office to be a part of Uzbekistan’s symbolic project Nest One?

Many people, whether a business owner or not, are chasing the dream of experiencing the privilege of being in the country’s most exceptional living and business center. Not only you and your employers, but also your guests too will be impressed by the many privileges of Nest One Offices! Such as the special greeting, secretary, reception and vale services, private meeting rooms, catered meeting service, lounge, restaurant, recreation and relaxing areas, cleaning services, IT service, operator and entrance card system.

Not only these details - which will be a first in Tashkent’s business life will provide your company the opportunity to sign profitable agreements, but will also add more prestige to your company. The book of a successful investment will be rewritten here!

Employee Motivation
Çalışan motivasyonu

The secret to success is obvious: Motivation.

Tashkent’s first mega office project, Nest One Offices, will always keep your team’s motivation high. A wide office area that will make the international companies jealous, a reception that will give privilege to your emplyees from their first step to the office, multiple elevators that will ensure easy and comfortable access to the offices, meeting rooms where your employees will sign big deals, meeting rooms with massage and food services to increase their self-value, conference rooms and Nest Offices recreation and relaxing rooms for them to enjoy their free time or think of the next big deal to sign (SPA, chess room, dart room, sport rooms, cinema room, lounge, restaurants; presenting the finest of the world cuisine, and shopping areas) has been especially designed to increase your employees performance.

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