About Nest

Nest, which was designed with a Full Living Concept, was inspired by the matryoshka dolls. Own any of the matryoshka dolls and Nest’s whole facilities are yours!


The only standard in Nest are the privileges!


Invitation halls, cinema rooms, playstation rooms, karaoke rooms, chess room, education rooms, children play grounds, restaurant, cigar room, lounge, terrace areas, skywalk areas, telescope, infirmary, dart room, library, meeting rooms, guest rooms, winter garden, tea salon, pilav salon, spa, hamam, sauna, gym, pilates studyo, squash, boxing room, mini basketball field, mini football field, table tennis, aquarium, concierge service, vale, reception, .. and many other service privileges are all a standard in Nest!


Nest was not designed to be a rich club, rather it is a living complex to give the enjoyment and the privilege for people with gusto who wish to enjoy life. Making luxury reachable with its features, Nest introduces an exceptional living concept through unique design elements. The first step in Nest concept is Nest One; constructed to be a symbolic building in Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent…

About Nest
About Nest
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